Cron is required to be setup for Perfex CRM if you want all features to works as expected

cPanel Cron Job

Login to your cPanel and navigate to Cron jobs

Add the following settings :

Setup cPanel Cron Job

wget -q -O-

Change the url according to your base url

  • Eq. if its on root domain you need to type only
  • Eq. on subfolder /crm you will need to type
This is CRON Job URL and not path. Your server needs to support wget command to call the wget command and execute. You can find your Perfex CRM installation cron job url located at Setup->Settings->Cron Job

Plesk Cron Job

Refer to cPanel cron job examples to get your cron url.

For plesk use one of the following configurations:

If the first example is not working for you try this config:

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